Meet Christian Miller,
Originating from the community of Fort Myers, FL, Christian has cultivated a passion for crafting compelling visual narratives through the art of videography and photography. With a wealth of experience spanning multiple years, coupled with a distinguished Bachelors Degree from Full Sail University, Christian stands as a seasoned professional in his field. His expertise extends across diverse clientele, both locally and internationally.
Notably, Christian served as a photojournalist at NBC2 and ABC7 for a substantial period, before finding his niche as the Digital Media Producer at McGregor Baptist Church. This dynamic journey has honed his skills in storytelling, bringing forth a unique ability to capture and convey the essence of each narrative.
At Christian's helm, the pursuit is unwavering – to narrate your story in the most captivating and meaningful manner possible. From local endeavors to global projects, the commitment remains steadfast. Explore our portfolio and experience the artistry that defines our past projects.